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Private Club Associates
Macon Offices:
544 Mulberry Street, Suite 200
Macon, GA 31201
Phone 478.741.7996
Fax 478.741.6743 info@privateclubassociates.com

Atlanta Offices:
2750 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Suite 220
Alpharetta, GA 30022
Phone 678.585.9120
Fax 678.585.9122

Success is Found in Balance

At Private Club Associates (PCA), we believe in managing golf clubs for the long run. Short term results are easily manipulated, can mask deeper operating problems and are often achieved at the expense of longer term financial health. Successfully creating a lasting brand for your golf club and building strong relationships with your members requires focus on three areas:

  • Optimal Balance: Delivering a memorable golfer/member experience and meeting financial goals are not mutually exclusive. Achieving both is a constant exercise in understanding, communicating and managing the trade-offs between golfer/member experience and financial performance.
  • Operating Platform: Achieving optimal balance requires a sophisticated operating platform that seamlessly integrates well-selected and well-coached people, detailed processes & procedures and advanced tools & technology.
  • Performance Measurement: Ensuring that optimal balance is achieved and maintained requires establishing performance metrics in all areas of operations and measuring them at the proper frequency. We believe it’s the name of the golf club that matters most to golfers or members, not the name of the management company. The authenticity of the golf club should be respected and the club managed according to the owner’s specifications.


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